Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events can be listed?

We're looking to promote craft fairs, farmers markets, and any other events that have crafters and homemade goods at them.  It's primarily for the Casper/Natrona County area, but if some of our local vendors are also attending craft fairs in the broader region (Glenrock, Douglas, Buffalo, Riverton, etc) we'll post those as they come in, too.  Request to add your fair's info HERE.

What if I'm a vendor but don't have any shows scheduled at the moment?

The simple area: If you're a vendor from the Casper area, you can most likely be added. Vendor Listing Request can be found HERE.
The extra details:
1) We know vendors spend money to register to attend practically every fair they attend.  Fair organizers have also taken the time to vette each vendor to make sure they meet the requirements of the fair registration process.  We've chosen to not charge anything for those vendors to be listed here and trust the judgement of fair organizers to decide who attends.
2) We'll review each vendor not registered with a current fair on a one-on-one basis to make sure they're similar in nature to ones that could be found at a fair.  At this time, listings are free for all vendors.  If we find many are not also attending in-person events, we may choose to charge a very small fee to those to help with maintenance of this site (volunteer ran).  

How up-to-date are your event listings and vendor listings?

We will update info as we receive it from fair organizers and vendors.  Please always defer to their direct websites, Facebook pages, and contact info for the most up-to-date info.  The intent of is to get the word out on where to shop local crafters either in-person or online/virtually.  We do not take responsibly for any products being sold by any vendor nor do we guarantee that the info posted is the most up-to-date and accurate.  In the words of Dane Cook, "I did my best." to get the info out there.  Now go shop!

What is a Virtual Craft Fair?

It's an evolving idea in the works!   Much of our Virtual Craft Fair platform will start with GO LIVE videos showcased on our Facebook page.  Eventually, we're going to figure out some more interactive and fun ways to participate.  Stay tuned.  If you have ideas, please share via a Facebook Message or email Juliann.

Will you post more than one of the same commercial business?

Unlike most in-person craft fairs, we will not limit the number of commercial (Scentsy, DoTERRA, Pampered Chef, Usborne Books, etc.) vendors listed on this site.  However, we will require each of them to be registered vendors at an in-person event and will not allow commercial 'virtual only' vendors.  This should also help vendors of same/similar products get a glance at if their product might already be represented at a fair already.

Is this a full list of every vendor at every show listed?

No.  We'd love it to be, but we also value each vendor's decision on whether to be listed or not.  We do our best to reach out to fair organizers to offer the website listing to their vendors, but we do not ask for vendor names in return.  Each vendor has to request to be on this site HERE and gives us permission to post their info.  If you don't see your favorite vendor, reach out to them ask them to be listed.  That's the best we've got.  :)